About Roar Café

Roar Café was founded by Esmeralda and Matthew.

We were travelling in South-East Asia from 2017-2018 and our travels accidentally became a tour of many delicious Juice stands, Smoothie bars and raw vegan cafés.

We were inspired! We decided to take all that inspiration and set up our own outlet to share all the delicious recipes we found around the globe from our little home in Frome.

Roar Café


Healthy and Tasty

We aim to make delicious food that is really good for you.


Mostly Vegan

We don't use dairy products but we do sometimes use Bee products: honey and pollen.


Often raw!

A lot of our food we make raw, whether it's juices and smoothies or something delicious made in the dehydrator like our raw pizza. We love the flavours and the way it makes us feel inside.

©2018 by Roar Café. 

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